Diana Doty, AB'02

Volunteer, Founding Director

Having grown up in various partsof the South – Arkansas, Mississippi, and southwest Missouri – Doty matriculated to UChicago and used her time there to advocate for positive change.

“I came out on National Coming Out Day 2001, in October of my third year. My experience on campus the first two years was secretive and isolated, and I lost my friend group when I came out. But I say with gratitude that my experience afterwards felt anything but. I linked up with Kathy Forde’s incredible (and groundbreaking) mentorship program and, through that, found both support and a role model I didn’t yet know I lacked. I then got involved with Queers & Associates and set off running with the rainbow flag. I became president of Q&A my fourth year, wrote an honors thesis on LGBT and queer identity development, organized queer-themed programming in partnership with other student groups, lobbied for anti-discrimination bills in Springfield, dated prolifically, and bought a leather jacket. The lessons I learned and relationships I built then remain important parts of my life more than a decade later.”

In 2002, she graduated with an AB in psychology and worked for four years with ORCSA at UChicago. She then earned an MBA from Boston University and spent another four years with an environmentally focused mutual fund. Today, she is an investment analyst in Boston for Kaspick & Co., a manager of planned giving programs that counts UChicago as a client.

In the meanwhile, Doty worked alongside several other people to help set up the UChicago LGBT Alumni Network and, later, its Steering Committee. “Though I’m not as involved as in the past, it’s been pretty lovely to watch the Network grow and strengthen.”