2016-2017 Board of Directors 

President: Jarrod Wolf, AB'10
Vice-President: Rada Yovovich, AB'06
Program Chair: Ido Rosen, SB'08 AB'08
Communications Officer: David Lojkovic, AB'99
Secretary: C.C. Huang, AB'11
Gift Chair: Josh Joseph, AB'00

Metro Chairs
Chicago: C.C. Huang, AB'11 and Anthony Pence, AB'12
Los Angeles: Anh Nguyen, MBA'16
New York City: Scott Baillie-Hinojosa, AB'07
San Francisco: Vincenzo Barbetta, AB'99 MBA'05 
Washington, DC: David Lojkovic, AB'99

Darell Hayes, JD'16
Ryan Kaminski, AB'08
Stephen Sellick, AM'93

Board Structure

The activities of the Network are overseen by a Board of Directors comprising alumni from all parts of the University, and by Metro Committees that plan and execute programming in their regions. Board meetings take place on a regular basis in Chicago and by teleconference. In addition to Officer positions, key leadership roles on the Board include the chairs and co-chairs of various committees. Additionally, any alumni member of the Network may serve on a Board Committee, and any alumni member may serve on their region's Metro Committee. Contact us if you would like to get involved!

  • Metro Chairs and Liaisons:  The Network has seen the growth of local activity in major metropolitan areas such as Boston, Chicago, DC, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco, and has recently begun to develop internationally in Asia and Europe. The Metro Chairs lead the Metro Committees of cities with especially high concentrations of the Network's members. Liaisons lead or nurture the development of Metro Committees in cities or regions with lower member populations that nonetheless have significant interest in participation. Regardless of their stage of development, Metro Committees plan programs and events to provide intellectual stimulation, foster awareness of LGBT issues, and provide social opportunities for University alumni in their geographic areas. A Metro Chair will be a Director on the Board, but non-Board members may be appointed as Metro Co-Chairs or Liaisons.
  • Board Committee Chairs:  The Board has five committees to organize its work. Each committee is chaired by a Board Officer, but other Directors or even non-Board members may co-chair a committee.
    • Nominating Committee: Prepares for elections; identifies and encourages potential leaders to get involved at both the local and the Board level
    • Bylaws Committee: Assists the Board with governance by proposing suitable adaptations to the bylaws as the Network's needs and the Board's objectives evolve
    • Volunteer Committee: Currently working with the Office of LGBTQ Student Life to expand the Mentoring Program and create networking opportunities for our LGBTQ alumni.
    • Communications Committee: Develops communications policies for the Network; develops content for the Network's website, monthly e-newsletters, and social media posts.
    • Fundraising Committee: Proposes and coordinates fundraising efforts that directly benefit LGBTQ-related causes on campus. We also have a Bylaws Committee to assist in governance.


Our bylaws were last updated on May 12, 2014 in accordance with the Alumni Board of Governors' Affinity Group Realignment initiative.  Click here to view them in PDF form.