Featured Alumni

The LGBT Alumni Network would not exist without the hard work of a large group of dedicated volunteers. From time to time, we will recognize them here, along with the contributions and achievements of our members.

Vincenzo Barbetta, AB'99, MBA'05 (Summer 2012)
Brad Anderson, AB'05 (March 2013)
Scott Baille-Hinojosa, AB'07 (January 2014)
Susan Henking, AM'79, PhD'88 (February 2014)
Anne Balay, AB'86, AM'88, PhD'94 (April 2014)
Carl Streed, Jr., SB'07 (August 2014)
M.V. Lee Badgett, AB'82 (September 2014)
Diana Doty, AB'02 (November 2014)
Jonathan Lykes, AB'12, AM'13 (January 2015)
James Bain, MBA'11 (March 2015)
Kim Hunt, MPP'04 (April 2015)
Frank Carson, AM'65 PhD'71 (September 2015)
Jennifer Levi, JD'92 (Fall 2015)